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Welcome to our site, which introduces Marc Pelletier, an expert in aquatic environments, his areas of expertise, the services he can offer, equipment on hand and his many accomplishments and completed contracts.

Mr. Pelletier is a geologist and oceanographer with more than 35 years of experience in environmental and technical studies, 27 years of which were devoted to aquatic studies.  He served as project director in many impact assessment studies involving industrial projects in both marine and fresh water environments.  He is specialised in studies of sediment and soil contamination, aquatics and environmental impact assessment.  He conducted many projects related to management of dredged sediments (contaminated and non-contaminated), environmental aspects of dredging activities, as well as harbour development, hydrodynamics, coastal geomorphology, sedimentary dynamics and coastal management.  He has been in charge of environmental assessment studies for hydroelectric and maritime projects.  He has been involved in numerous projects of data management and geographic information systems (GIS). Mr. Pelletier combines a broad spirit of synthesis and practical experience of problems and technical solutions in aquatic environments.  Endowed with leadership in aquatic studies, he has established strong contacts in industrial, private, governmental and non-governmental circles. He has managed numerous projects in Canada, Africa and Latin America and has given technical presentations in Morocco and Tunisia.



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    Founded by Marc Pelletier in 2005, his consulting company was born of 35 years of experience and expertise...


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