Areas of expertise and services



Areas of expertise

  • Dredging and dumping of sediments;
  • Dredging of contaminated sites and their environmental restoration;
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO);
  • Port construction and repair;
  • Bridges, dykes, breakwaters and seawalls;
  • land fills;
  • Shore erosion and protection;
  • New technologies/ renewable energy;
  • Water uptakes and outflows;
  • Pipe-lines, conduits and submarine cables;
  • Coastal pollution;
  • Hydrodynamics (tides, currents, waves);
  • Modelling (ocean dumping, salt intrusion, diversion, dams);
  • Characterization and protection of aquatic habitats;
  • Integrated coastal zone management;
  • Aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology;
  • Oceanography;
  • Hydrometry.

Services offered

  • Data collection and field reports;
  • Studies and collection of hydrodynamic data (currents, waves and tides);
  • Hydrographic and bathymetric data collection;
  • Underwater research (wrecks, structures, debris);
  • Study and sampling of sediments (coring, drilling, grabs);
  • Granulometric/sedimentologic analyses and chemical contamination;
  • Geophysical and geotechnical data collection (side-scan sonar, boomer, underwater video);
  • Environmental impact analysis;
  • Technical studies related to engineering works;
  • Site evaluation and selection;
  • Environmental audits;
  • Counselling services;
  • Project management and administration;
  • Research and development;
  • Design and analysis using geomatics;
  • Design and management of data bases;
  • Coastal zone planning and management;
  • Research and development of new environmental technologies.


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